Death By Discounting

Death by Discounting

Steam, the humble bundle, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live all do it.
Publishers regularly use discounting to leverage traffic in mobile app stores.
But do flash sales and an influx of gamers logging in for cheap or free lead to brand loyalty?
Double Fine warns indies against deep discounting.


Century of the Self examines the impact of Sigmund Freud, his daughter Anna Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays on how we live.
Bernays, infamous for his book Propaganda, reimagined the world of advertising.
Using his uncle’s work, he introduced women to cigarettes with a PR push that played on their deepest desires.
As we move into the information era, we have to ask ourselves - does manipulation add value in the long run?

Fail Race

If I fail more than you, I win.
What makes Rovio so special?
How come Muse are such a rock powerhouse?
Seth Godin talks about how frequent small failures are key to staying in the game long enough to build something awesome in this great interview.

Great Teams Win for the Coach

Why are great leaders great leaders?
Simon Sinek explores what makes great leaders great in this talk on why leaders eat last.

Business Changed

Every fact we were taught is wrong.
Even the experts are lost.*

We have a great opportunity to approach business from a simpler perspective.**

Dylan once said the times they are a changin’.
So let’s set ourselves up for success in the new world.

New scares people.***
New companies creating new products need to be nurtured and birthed into the world by those who care.
When people see the beauty and simplicity of what New can do, we can turn fear into love.

Imagine the limitless possibilities that will open up when we connect with the people who share our passion.****

Why not share this message with a friend or colleague?

* Eddie Obeng The World After Midnight :

** Seth Godin The Tribes We Lead:

***Innovation and Early Adopters:

**** Ernesto Sirolli Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen:

innovation is not enough; we need a revolution

the world is changing and we need to adapt or lay down and accept death.

steve once said:

*If Apple is going to succeed … we’re going to win on innovation. And you can’t win on innovation unless you have a way to communicate to customers.

we will lead the games industry to new heights once we have the framework in place.


*Isaacson, Walter (2011-10-24). Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography (p. 340). Little, Brown Book Group. Kindle Edition.

Where the great ideas are

Creativity is:


When I set out on a project the initial idea often ends up making 3-0% of the final product.

The concept of great ideas coming in a single flash of inspiration just isn’t true for me.

I go through a series of light bulb moments during the development of a product.

The insight and ideas come from all kinds of places like talking with great people, reading challenging books and engaging in new experiences.

Sometimes ideas come from nowhere, sometimes I receive whole pictures and see exactly how to implement the idea.

Sometimes ideas start small, inflate to stupidly over sized concepts and simmer down to their essence.

Every action I take that forces me to think different evolves my perspective and understanding of how things work.

The less I think about the obstacle, the sooner and more powerful the solution often turns out.

Keep asking questions, keep exploring your curiosities:


You’re sat on a desert island
Serenaded by the sound of the waves
As they crash along the shore
Wrapped in a cool breeze

From within
A voice asks
Why do you do what you do?

How did you get to this point?

What do you dream of doing?

Who is holding you back?

Take a leap of faith.

Because life’s short.
So, embrace it.
Be great in the moment.

Greatness in the moment takes the impossible and makes it real.

As you begin to relax, the voice asks
How well do you know yourself?

What’s your passion?

Follow it.

You are a miracle.
And we need you.

Devote time each day to fulfilling your dream.

Embrace your imagination and reshape your reality.

Take action.
Only you can.

Everything you do
Sends out ripples
Of cause and effect.

And see your journey through.

Success is the house built on the foundations of failure.

Embrace discomfort.
Ride the resistance.
You’re on the right path.

Imagine tomorrow
And share it with the world.

Analytics – Death by big data

Analysis is to paralysis as analytics is to paralytics.

Stop worrying about your potential results and focus on giving your best performance right now.

Your results are a direct reflection of how much focus, skill and heart you put in to what you do.

Analytics and data only serve to perpetuate a dehumanised, rationalised understanding of incredibly complex human behaviours.

“Richard Restak, a well-known neuroscientist, talks about this in his book The Naked Brain. When you force people to make decisions with only the rational part of their brain, they almost invariably end up “overthinking.” These rational decisions tend to take longer to make, says Restak, and can often be of lower quality. In contrast, decisions made with the limbic brain, gut decisions, tend to be faster, higher-quality decisions.”

Sinek, Simon (2011-10-06). Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action (pp. 57-58). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

Now, more than ever, we need to be connected with the people who use our services and products on a human level.

We need to listen to our supporters, to know them as well as they know our brands and why we do what we do, to enable us to become even better people and our brands to become even more successful.

Be exceptional, be the exception.


Because simple isn’t simple enough.


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